Seven Reasons Your gift will be returned

Chances are you’ll strike out at least one gift you give this holiday season. Despite your good intentions, the recipient will not like it and want to put it back to the store. Investigation 2019 National Retail Federation found that about 35% of consumers return at least one holiday gift. […]

How to set up an endowment fund consultant

My family is considering setting up a fund to inform donors, three generations together can support charities decision. How much money, we need to open this type of fund, and we got our contribution tax credit? Many brokerage firms, mutual fund companies and community foundations allow you to open a […]

Save $ 1,000 during the holidays

In September, my daughter and I were in one of those large craft store, she noticed, holiday merchandise is on display. “Mom, why do they sell Christmas stuff yet?” She asked. My answer (since she was 6, I need to keep it simple): “ah, I think some people just like […]

Best accounts in banks and credit unions

As part of Kiplinger’s annual list of the best personal finance products and services, we pick the top accounts in banks and credit unions. Be sure to see our favorite investment, financial products, travel tools, and a complete list, and so on. Online banking Ally There is no minimum levy […]

Last Minute deals of holiday shoppers

If you have not finished your holiday shopping, you’re not alone. A survey by coupon site RetailMeNot found that more than half of the respondents said they would still have the last Saturday of the gift of time before rolling left to purchase around Christmas. This should not be too […]

How to become a smarter investor

Kipling recent Raife Giovinazzo, the talk in the bleaching Taylor Asset Management partner and portfolio manager. The company invested based on the principles of behavioral finance school. Giovinazzo earn under Richard Taylor, who is in business and 2017 Nobel Economics Prize, the winner of his theoretical work in the major […]