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How to set up an endowment fund consultant

My family is considering setting up a fund to inform donors, three generations together can support charities decision. How much money, we need to open this type of fund, and we got our contribution tax credit? Many brokerage firms, mutual fund companies and community foundations allow you to open a […]

How to appeal property taxes

Home values ​​are up, which may mean your property taxes have gone up. But if you think they are too high? You may have a reason to appeal, in most cases, you can do it yourself. Step 1 First, find the error may be unfairly exaggerate the value of your […]

How to donate stock to charity

I should give stock or cash to charity? What steps do I need, if I want to give the stock? Whether it makes more sense to give or sell shares of stock and cash donations depending on whether the stock increase or decline in the value, since you bought it […]

Smart investors year-end tax strategies

At the end of the year is fast approaching, which means you have just a few days, in order to reduce your tax bill in 2014. Thanks to the long-term bull market, many investors are sitting on big gains. Year-end smart planning can check your portfolio to lower your taxes […]

Home sales tax relief

I live in my house for eight years, but I’m moving to a new job and plans to sell it quickly. What is the sale of a home tax rules? – BD, Heat For most sellers have no tax consequences, because most home for sale profits duty free. Suppose you […]

8 interests in open enrollment

I should focus on open enrollment 2015 my employee benefits in making decisions is it? People tend to focus on the determinants of health insurance during open enrollment this fall (see our guide to choosing the best health insurance in 2015 For more information on these choices). But you also […]